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Combest Op Ed - Ag Budget

03/19/2015 3:53 PM | Jill Whitley (Administrator)
To provide some important perspective from the Agriculture sector, we were fortunate The Hill newspaper in DC (, one of the most read political news sources) decided to publish an op-ed by Mr. Combest which is available at this link:  Combest Op Ed — Ag Budget.

The piece lays important groundwork for why agriculture should be exempt from further cuts as this process moves forward.  We would encourage you to read it by going to the link, and comment on it (these comment sections are typically dominated by whackos, but it is always good to get some positive reinforcement mixed in . . . a simple "well put — the situation in rural economies is tough right now" or something along those lines would be good).  

We would also encourage you to forward it along, or post it to Twitter or Facebook if you operate in the social media world.

As always, we appreciate your support in standing up for agriculture.  

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